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Rootbeer - Double Dose Super Treat - GHF


This 160mg THC cola gummy is a balanced hybrid making it ideal for pain relief during the day.


For best results allow gummy to disolve in your mouth.


Each gummie is impressioned with a 19+ marking to further indicate that this candy is for adult consumption only.



    Consuming cannabis in edible form is much different than smoking cannabis in several ways. When you ingest marijuana in edible form, your body metabolizes the THC through your liver. In turn, it converts to 11-hydroxy-THC, a metabolite that efficiently crosses the blood-brain barrier, potentially producing a much more intense “high”.

    Because the THC must be digested and metabolized by your liver, it takes much longer to feel the effects than smoking (smoking affects users near instantaneously). Moreover, because of this process, weed candy affects users for much longer than smoking.